Altermeka Proudly Announced That monoser®️ PB32-Z4 Hydraulic Concrete Placing Distributor With Self- Climbing Mast (Without Counter Weight And Zero Tail) Delivered To Serbia.

Highlighting features

ZERO TAIL: Hydraulic power pack and electric control panel are located on the rotating tower. In that way the distributor is used without counterweight and power pack on the tail. All the maintenance works are made easily on the service platform.
EASY ACCESS: Thanks to the design of this system the operator or technicians can easily reach the main components to make maintenance or repairment easily.
IPS-INTELLIGENT PACKING SYSTEM: By using new unique transport system, the distributor and all self-climbing mast equipment can be transported in only one (1) 40’ container.
CWPS – CABLE WRAPPING PREVENTION SYSTEM: Due to the slip ring mechanism on the rotating tower, electric cable does not need to be wrapped around the machine. The operator can turn the distributor as much as it is needed. The electric cable of the distributor become safe against cutting risks.
SPLIT DISTRIBUTOR SYSTEM: monoser®️ concrete placing distributors has been designed in “Split” considering the lifting capacity of the construction site crane So end user can easily installed/disassembled in any location. We provide the best values in the sector for the heaviest part of the machine. The heaviest part of the monoser®️ concrete placing distributor is lighter than the competitors. With the site crane the end user can set up the distributor at the farthest point.

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