CPT6040 - Concrete Placing Table

Technical Specifications
Working Area :
4x6 m
Working Height :
750 mm
Height of Convexity (maximum) :
200 mm
Number of Hydraulic Cylinders :
Number of Moving Bridge :
Bridge Movement :
Motor :
5kW, 3Phase, 380V
Hydraulic System Max. Pressure :
120 bar
Table Top Plate
6mm – St-52
We design and manufacture multi-axis concrete casting tables special to the nature of the work according to customer needs.

monoser® CPT6040 is used for concrete casting of inclined surface prefabricated concrete elements.

  • The hydraulic cylinders that provide the movement of the table surface can be controlled individually or together in combination
  • Bridge beams are double element. Pressure modules can move back and forth between bridge beams (with wheels).
  • The table is completely modular. It can be easily disassembled to be installed anywhere and can be easily installed where it is taken.

Shipping Dimensions

1×40 High-Cube Container

cpt6040 shipping