PC10 - Concrete Belt-Conveyor Systems

pc10 5

As optionally substituted with petrol engine or diesel engine application for driving the conveyor are included.

Technical Specifications
Capacity :
Conveyor Length :
Maximum Slope :
Maximum Unloading Height :
Groove Length :
3x80cm = 240cm
Vertical Movement of Conveyor :
Groove Vertical Movement :
Working Temperature (°C) :
-20 ~ 48
Groove Horizontal Motion :
Motor :
10 kW, 3 phases,190-200V or 380-400V (According to the electrical voltage of the country)

monoser® PC10, some the production of prefabricated elements is the preferred cost-effective solution for applications such as concrete casting in low-rise buildings.

Structural Design Engineering Approach

By combining modern design elements such as finite element analysis and structural optimization, our conveyor system have a more intelligent structure, lighter weight in its class, and longer service life.

monoser® PC 10 has special design chassis construction that is all tubular steel welded. It undergoes the necessary structural test in order to guarantee their durability, safety, and reliability.

monoser® PC 10 has a light and resistant structure. Each section is a welded box lattice frame designed to carry the loads applied to it.

Conveyor belt is supported by fully U-troughed rollers for increased capacity and cleanliness.


Concrete Distribution Diagram

PC10 has a special bunker system that is parallel to the ground at every angle of the conveyor belt.

pc10 diagram

Shipping Dimensions

1×40 High-Cube Container

pc10 shipping