Crawler Type Concrete Placing Distributors

Thanks to the monoser 4×4 or crawler systems,
concrete distribution work become safe, easy and economically in jobsites.
monoser distributors are produced in Z-type and in 3-4-5 segments, to fold/unfold in 4m height.
This highligtening feature is helpful in projects where working height is a limiting factor,  such as industrial constructions, tunnel, metro or train stations and multy floor parking constructions.
As power source it can be diesel or gasoline engines, and also rechargable  battery sets can be used in green projects.
Twin power sources or hybrit solutions are also available.
As an option, monoser distributers are detachable from the 4×4 or crawler chasis and can be used on four-leg pedestal as a standard spider distributor or can be used on self climbing mast.