PB15 - Portable Hydraulic Concrete Distributors

pb15 portable 2
Technical Specifications
Model :
Radius of Placing Boom
15 m
Working Area :
707 m2
Slewing Range (°) :
Infinite Rotation (Electrically)
Delivery Pipe Dimension :
Standard 5,5” (Ø125mm ID)
Mode of Operation :
Radio Remote Control
Working Temperature (°C) :
-20 ~ 48
Flexible End Hose :
3 m
Counterweight Molds :
For counter weight we will send to you steel molds, which are ready to fill concrete.

monoser® PB15 concrete distributors boom is designed to 30m placing diameter  (without end-hose). It’s tail system can be completely removed during climbing mast applications or on transportation. Thanks to removable tail structure, the distributor boom section can be used without tail on climbing mast and on four-wheeled special vehicle.

Excellent Structural Design

By combining modern design elements such as finite element analysis and structural optimization, our distributors have a more intelligent structure, lighter weight in its class, and longer service life.

The monoser® distributors are produced from high-strength steel. They are subjected to the necessary structural tests to guarantee their durability, safety and reliability.

Excellent System Engineering

Our full-hydraulic control technology is appropriate for the entire range of boom movements, featuring stepless regulation of boom operation. It employs a load-sensitive proportional control system with pressure compensation to easily change the running speed of booms. The user has complete speed control by regulating the angle of the control lever, and the boom is able to reach optimal operating performance.

As a monoser® family, we value our users’safety.

Fully Infinite Rotation (electrically)

Hydraulic power unit, electric control panel and electrohydraulic control valves are placed on the revolving tower. The Electrically Infinite Rotation System work between the stationary pedestal and turning tower of the distributor, allowing them to act independently. The rotation of the distributor has no affect on the power cable of the electric system. Thanks to the infinite Rotation systems, electrical cable do not wrap around the machine. System becomes user friendly and secure.

Rapid Installation

Extensive application of modular design technology and rapid connecting devices allows you to quickly and conveniently install concrete distributors, helping you to be productive as fast as possible.

Its wireless proportional remote control provides easy and precise operation.


Shipping Dimensions

1×40 High-Cube Container

2 units of monoser PB15 can be shipped in one 40 feet HC container.

pb15 shipping