MBW6 - Portable Mechanic Concrete Distributors

monoser® MBW6 portable placing boom is designed to 12m placing diameter  (without end-hose).  

The lightweight design and the most economical solution

Thanks to the analyzes with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on the machine parts, which are exposed to various loads, such as booms, joints, bearings, chassis and feet, we obtained the optimum strength and weight ratios. We have produced, the lightest machines in their class, and we have presented to the user, the most useful and economical machines ever.

Rapid Installation

Extensive application of modular design technology and rapid connecting devices allows you to quickly and conveniently install concrete distributors, helping you to be productive as fast as possible.

Technical Specifications
Model :
Radius of Placing Boom
6 m
Working Area :
114 m2
Slewing Range (°) :
Endless Rotation
Delivery Pipe Dimension :
Standard 5,5” (Ø125mm ID)
Mode of Operation :
Radio Remote Control
Working Temperature (°C) :
-20 ~ 48
Counterweight Molds :
For counter weight we will send to you steel molds, which are ready to fill concrete.