TP40Y E2 - Stationary Concrete Pump

The new, compact, quiet, multi-purpose monoser® TP40Y E2 concrete pump is the preferred cost-effective solution for pumping concrete in applications such as concrete pumping in high buildings, concreting long distances, tunnel construction, special applications, etc.

Excellent Structural Design

Modern design elements such as finite element analysis have been used, and it has a longer service life that is more compatible with construction area.

Usage Advantages

Different types of engine applications are available according to the customer’s request or country emission requirements.

Technical Specifications
Max. Concrete Outlet (ROD Side) :
44,4 m³/h
Max. Concrete Compression Pressure (ROD Side) :
63,2 bar
Max. Concrete Outlet (PISTON Side) :
30,2 m³/h
Max. Concrete Pressing Pressure (PISTON Side) :
98,8 bar
Shipment Roller :
180 Ø mm
Delivery Roller Stroke :
1200 mm
# Stroke (ROD side) :
24,2 Str./min
# Stroke (PISTON side) :
16,5 Str./min
Max. Aggregate Size :
38 mm
Heavy-Duty S Tube :
180 – 125 mm
Outlet Diameter :
125 mm
Engine :
Engine Power :
45 (61) kW(hp)
Fuel Tank :
110 Lt
Hopper Capacity :
450 Lt
Transfer Tube :
400 µm Hard Chrome Plated
Control System :
Inductive Proximity Drive
Max. Hydraulic Pressure :
320 bar
Hydraulic Tank :
200 Lt
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