STP60.22C - Remote Controlled 4X4 Self-Traction Concrete Pump

stp60 22c
Technical Specifications
Max. Concrete Outlet (ROD Side) :
71,2 m³/h
Max. Concrete Compression Pressure (ROD Side) :
63,2 bar
Max. Concrete Outlet (PISTON Side) :
49,2 m³/h
Max. Concrete Pressing Pressure (PISTON Side) :
98,8 bar
Shipment Roller :
180 Ø mm
Delivery Roller Stroke :
1200 mm
# Stroke (ROD side) :
38,9 Str./min
# Stroke (PISTON side) :
26,8 Str./min
Max. Aggregate Size :
38 mm
Heavy-Duty S Tube :
180 – 125 mm
Outlet Diameter :
125 mm
Engine :
Cummins QSF F3.8 134 HP Stage V / Tier 4F 4 Cylinder, Turbocharged, Water Cooled
Engine Power :
100 (134) kW(hp)
Fuel Tank :
110 Lt
Self-Traction 4×4 (only use for construction site) :
Max. Speed 4,3 km/h
Main Pump Unit :
Kawasaki (Japan)
With Hydraulic Boom Max. Vertical Concrete Discharge :
22 m
With Hydraulic Boom Max. Horizontal Concrete Discharge :
19 m
Rotary Tower Slewing Range :
Concrete Pipes :
5,5” (Ø125 mm)
End Hose :
3 m

The new, compact monoser® Scorpion STP60.22C concrete pump is preferred in projects that require cost effective solutions such as road construction, tunnel construction, dam construction and multi-storey building construction, villa construction.

Excellent Structural Design

It has a lighter, more durable chassis using finite element analysis and in this context, it has a longer service life that is more compatible with construction area.

Usage Advantages

They are less costly than truck-mounted pump + distributor systems. They can be deployed more comfortably than the truck-mounted systems under conditions of limited construction areas.


Concrete Distribution Diagram

stp60 22y diagram

Shipping Dimensions

1×40 High-Cube Container
stp60 22c shippin